What are the benefits of air curtains?.

What are air curtains?

Air curtains are fan-powered devices that are designed to distribute and maintain indoor air temperature. They work by separating two environments by providing an invisible air barrier for open doors – providing an energy-efficient solution for commercial requirements. By using an air curtain, can allow the environment’s warm air to stay in while forcing cold air to stay out – meaning they are especially useful for businesses, shops, warehouses, and other sites.

Air curtains prioritize customer and employee comfort as they regulate the air temperatures of premises. They can also reduce the strain on existing heating and cooling systems, minimizing energy bills. As well as this, there are numerous advantages of installing air curtains which we’ll explore through this guide.

Benefits of air curtains:

There are multiple benefits of installing an air curtain, and some of these include:

  • Energy-efficiency: air curtains are proven to be more energy-saving than standard entrances, as less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Health and safety: an air curtain ensures physical goods are stored in a safe and hygienic environment.
  • Reduction in energy bills: when installing an air curtain, you will find a reduction in utility bills. Air curtains lessen the pressure on any heating or cooling systems you may already have – and improved energy efficiency means your CO2 emissions will be reduced, helping your green credentials.
  • Easy to install: your air curtains can be easily installed and are hassle-free when it comes to servicing.
  • Open door: having an open door is likely to invite more customers to your business setting, you are also able to advertise your products more clearly with an open door – an air curtain facilitates potential business growth.
  • Comfortable indoor climate: you won’t have to deal with the fluctuation of temperatures, as you would have to do with a standard door. An air curtain also prevents dust, insects and debris from entering the premises. In addition, your air curtain will allow you to combat tough drafts.
  • Employee comfort: air curtains can maximize employee comfort, which is essential for complying with legal regulations. Furthermore, by providing a comfortable working environment you are likely to reduce employee absenteeism.

Which air curtain is right for you?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right air curtain for you – the width and height of your door can affect the required velocity. There are also other qualities such as heat settings and instillations type. To find out more, be sure to contact our helpful team. Alternatively, if you are already looking for an air curtain, browse through our wide range of products today – including recessed air curtains and surface-mounted air curtains.

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