About air curtains.

Keep indoors in and outdoors out.

Air curtains help to promote and maintain a better indoor air temperature whether warm, cool or ambient. Providing an invisible air barrier that allows unobstructed access, makes retail outlets more welcoming, commercial buildings more efficient, and industrial premises more productive.

Energy Saving

Doorways equipped with air curtains are proven to be more energy efficient than entrances incorporating doors of any description. Preventing warm and cool air leaving and entering through open doorways means less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.


The air barrier delivered by air curtains keeps the climate inside the building comfortable and consistent. It also prevents insects, dust, wind and moisture entering, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Health and Safety

In refrigeration and cold store applications, air curtains ensure perishable goods are stored safely and hygienically. They also allow people and vehicles to move freely unhindered by roller shutters or strip curtains.

Ease of Installation

Thermoscreens air curtains are easy to install and simple to maintain throughout their serviceable life.

Finding the right air curtain for you.

When choosing an air curtain, there are numerous factors to consider. The height and width of the doorway have a big impact on the required velocity. There’s also the question of what is the most appropriate heat source, or indeed, whether it needs to be heated at all. With our interactive Product Selector finding the right solution for your environment is quick and easy Рit only takes a couple of clicks.