How do air curtains work?.

Considering purchasing air curtains for your business, but unsure exactly how they work? Our handy guide covers the different types of air curtains, what an air curtain is, and how it would work for you and your business.

What is an air curtain?

An air curtain is a fan-powered system that is designed to maintain and distribute air around an environment. They work by successfully separating the air from two environments – such as the cold, outside air; and the warm, inside air appropriate for employee working temperatures – and provide an invisible barrier for open doors. These systems are particularly useful for retail environments where doors and entrances are likely to be opened frequently – as well as areas such as warehouses and storerooms where goods need to be kept at a certain temperature.

By investing in air curtains, not only reduces the strain on energy bills from existing HVAC systems but also ensures that appropriate working temperatures are regulated for businesses to adhere to health and safety regulations. Learn more about the benefits of air curtains from our dedicated guide.

Types of air curtains

Here at Thermoscreens, we’re proud to offer a range of air curtains

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How air curtains work:

Air curtains work by being mounted onto the heated side of a doorway – and will extend across the length of the door opening. An invisible barrier is then created which stops the cold air from coming in, and keeps the environment warm and appropriate for working conditions. Air curtains are also a solution for preventing insects – such as flies and bugs – from entering the environment, as the stream of air would be too powerful for them to enter.

Here at Thermoscreens, our air curtains typically work in one of two ways:

  • Behind a closed door – by using an air curtain in this way, this can act as a second line of defense behind the door – meaning that the air curtain is only activated when the doors are opened. This method pushes the air outside for a couple of seconds only, until the door is then closed.
  • Installed in an open doorway – another way to use an air curtain is through an open doorway. This would allow a stream of air to run continuously throughout a retail space, a warehouse or a working environment where temperature regulation is required. This then, as a result, helps to keep the warm air inside, while trapping the cold air outside.

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