International Projects.

We manufacture air curtains for projects around the globe..

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International Projects.

Here at Thermoscreens our in-house manufacturing in the UK and our network of distributors around the globe, allows us to reach your air curtain projects anywhere.

We have supplied our energy efficient, high performance commercial air curtains and industrial air curtains on multiple projects. We have supplied air curtains to hotels in France, children’s play centres in Romania, and hospitals in Dubai.

We have surface mounted air curtains that can be electrically heated, water heated, or ambient. We also offer recessed air curtains, that allow for the same performance but can be seen as more aesthetically pleasing. These allow an open door to be still used to allow footfall and customers in but stop the unconditioned colder air.

Why is this important?

We all know that we need to allow access to customers to be able to enter, however, every time the door is opened, air exchange takes place. Your internal heaters or chillers are working hard to maintain the perfect temperature inside, so why would you want the simple exercise of opening a door to affect this.

Either our electrically heated or water heated air curtains create forced airflow towards the ground. This stops the air exchange from occurring, allowing your heater or chillers inside to maintain the perfect climate, saving you money and time on maintenance.

You can read more about how our air curtains work, by going behind the curtain and seeing the technical side of air distribution.

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