Air Curtain Products.

Discover our range of air curtains from Thermoscreens. Choose your air curtain, based on your specific requirements – from surface mounted air curtains to recessed air curtains, we have you covered. Browse the range today to find the perfect air curtain for you.

How do air curtains work?

Air curtains work by using a strong stream of air that pushes air across a doorway, entrance or opening. This stream of air (generated by either a fan or a blower within the air curtain unit) creates a consistent flow of air from the top to bottom or side to side of the opening, which in-turn prevents the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air.

What are the benefits of air curtains?

By creating a barrier that limits the amount of outdoor air that change exchange with indoor air, air curtains are great at controlling and maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. While their primary use is to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, they’re also great at preventing any outdoor contaminants such as dust, insects or odours from entering too.

What should I consider when buying an air curtain?

Before you buy your air curtain, you need to take a few things into consideration, including things like:

  • Doorway/opening size and type
  • Environment conditions
  • Amount of traffic passing through the opening
  • Noise level (particularly in quiet/noise sensitive areas)
  • The air curtains’ energy efficiency

If you’re stuck or unsure what type of air curtain would be best for you, get in touch with a member of our expert team so that we can help.

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