Thermoscreens’ Innovative Solution for Pickstock Foods.

Harsh Environments air curtain

Enhancing Efficiency and Hygiene at Pickstock Foods with Thermoscreens’ Air Curtain Technology


Pickstock Foods, a renowned British supplier of lamb and mutton, is committed to delivering high-quality products across the UK and Europe. With a focus on maintaining stringent hygiene standards, energy efficiency, and maintaining consistent temperatures, the company faced a significant challenge in their Derbyshire facility.

Identifying the Problem

At the heart of Pickstock Foods’ operation was a refrigerated storage area, crucial for preserving meat quality. However, maintaining a consistent temperature below 6°C was a challenge, especially with frequent access required for stock checks and movement. The large access doors, allowed significant air exchange at the doorway when in use, leading to increased energy usage and costs. They also wanted a solution that would easily prevent flying insects entering the area. Additionally, the need for regular chemical cleaning, further complicated the climate control issue.

Thermoscreens’ Tailored Solution

In response to these challenges, Thermoscreens conducted a thorough site survey at Pickstock Foods, led by Sales Director Chris Collins. The solution proposed was the IP-66 rated HE Stainless Steel air curtain, specifically designed for harsh environments. This unit, with its robust stainless steel casing and IP-66 rating, was ideally suited to withstand the harsh conditions and rigorous cleaning processes required at the facility. The HE air curtain created an effective air barrier at the doorway, preventing the ingress of insects and minimising temperature fluctuations.

The Outcome

The installation of the HE Stainless Steel air curtain marked a significant improvement in the facility’s climate control. This innovative solution not only maintained the optimal temperature in the refrigerated area but also reduced energy consumption and extended the lifespan of existing chillers. The effective air barrier created by the air curtain also played a crucial role in keeping flying insects out, adhering to the hygiene standards within the storage area.

Impact and Future Prospects

The implementation of the harsh environment Stainless Steel air curtain has led to a notable reduction in HVAC system costs for Pickstock Foods, aligning with their goals of energy saving and waste reduction. The company is very satisfied with the performance of the unit and is considering the installation of additional units in the future. This case study demonstrates Thermoscreens’ ability to understand and address the specific needs of their clients, providing solutions that not only solve immediate problems but also contribute to long-term operational efficiency and sustainability.

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