Thermoscreens breaks new ground with the Launch of its IP-66 Rated Air Curtain.

Thermoscreens has proudly announced the launch of its latest innovation an IP-66 rated air curtain.

The IP-66 rating signifies that the air curtain is dust tight and protected against powerful jets of water. This makes the Thermoscreens air curtain an ideal solution for environments where exposure to water, dust, and other contaminants is a concern, or where the unit needs to be rigorously cleaned such as in food processing plants and abattoirs.

What sets this air curtain apart is not just its robustness against harsh environmental conditions, but also its ability to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, enhance energy efficiency, create effective climate separation and improve air quality.

This launch is particularly timely, given the increasing focus on health and safety standards in various industries. The Thermoscreens air curtain is poised to meet the stringent requirements of businesses looking to safeguard their environments against external pollutants while ensuring a clean, controlled, and comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Thermoscreens is excited to offer this innovative solution to its customers, reinforcing its commitment to develop products to suit specific customer applications or environments.

For more information about the IP-66 rated Thermoscreens air curtain and other innovative solutions from Thermoscreens, please visit

Thermoscreens continues to lead the way in environmental control solutions, and this latest offering is a clear indication that Thermoscreens are the right partner for businesses seeking the best in air curtain technology.

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