Industrial Air Curtains.

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Thermoscreens air curtains have multiple uses for multiple building sizes, ceiling heights, and doorway widths.

We understand that air curtains designed for industrial buildings such as warehouses, breweries, fabrication, manufacturing, and distribution have different needs and uses for air curtains. Read on to find out more about how our industrial air curtains can help your business or warehouse.

How do industrial air curtains work?

An industrial air curtain provides a sustainable solution for heating, ventilation and cooling of large areas and workspaces. Our air curtains work by providing an invisible barrier against the incoming air – which reduces the amount of warm or cold air which escapes from the building.

As well as being an energy efficient solution to HVAC, they are designed primarily to enhance comfort – ensuring that optimal working temperatures are maintained, and the goods are not disrupted by incorrect temperatures.

Industrial Air Curtain FAQs

Why do I need an air curtain in my warehouse or distribution centre?

Warehouses and distribution centres are often large open spaces that have multiple entries and exits to allow the flow of goods in and out. These entries and exits allow for the outer air to enter the building which is normally at a much lower temperature than inside. This creates draughts that can disrupt the goods held in the warehouse especially if they need to be climate-controlled or force smaller elements such as swarf to fly around causing injury. On top of this, cold working conditions can dampen and lower the performance of your workers.

Installing an HXCS, PHV, PHV Vertical, or IP Series air curtain would create an invisible barrier of heated or ambient air that will stop the colder outside air from entering the building when the shutter or pedestrian doors are opened. This will allow the working and storage environment inside to be climate controlled.

  • How does installing an air curtain in my industrial building save me money?

When the climate-controlled environment inside the building is disrupted due to an external door being opened regularly, this would mean the installed heaters will need to be constantly working to keep the set temperature at that level. This has costs associated with it, as the more the heaters are working the more electricity they are using, the more cost builds up. So, installing an air curtain above the doorway correctly, this can keep the energy consumption down, thus the costs associated.

  • Which air curtain will work best for my industrial building?

We have many air curtains styles and options available and our team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the correct unit, that is best suited for your needs. We will only need some basic information – the width of the doorway, and mounting height – to be able to assist you.

If you’re wondering how to use your air curtain unit, or you’re still searching for the perfect air curtain for you, our handy guides have you covered.

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