Exceptional performance powered by Ecopower Air Technology.

Combining the latest Ecopower controls with industry-leading air separation technology, HX commercial air curtains are one of the most advanced solutions available in the UK. Very powerful and highly efficient, HX units deliver exceptional performance and outstanding energy savings.

Key Features.

  • Industry-leading Ecopower controls.
  • Air plenum - delivers even air flow from the discharge nozzle
  • Converging nozzles - create a Venturi effect, fortifying the air barrier
  • Active cellular grille - shapes air as it passes through the grille
  • IP21 rated, ErP compliant and BMS ready
  • Water heated units supplied with a motorised three-port valve
  • 2 or 4 row coil options - water temperatures 45 - 90°C
  • Vertical recessed variant available for water temperatures 80 - 90°C
  • One control unit operates up to eight HX units
  • Filters supplied as standard (Ambient and water heated units)