Choosing the Right Air Curtain for Harsh Environments.

Air Curtain for harsh environments

What Air Curtains are suitable for my harsh environment?

When maintaining comfortable and efficient environments, even in the most challenging conditions, air curtains have emerged as a vital tool. This is where Thermoscreens, a leader in air curtain technology, steps in with its HE (Harsh Environments) and CS (Cold Store) Air Curtains. These models are specifically designed to withstand and operate efficiently in harsh conditions.

Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain

The Thermoscreens HE for harsh environments is the perfect solution for abattoirs and food processing facilities where stringent hygiene and cleaning regimes are paramount. The IP-66 rated HE unit uses a stainless steel casing, making it suitable for intense chemical washdown. The unit has been designed to function optimally in environments that are harsh and demanding, suitable for temperatures down to 2 degrees it is the perfect solution for your abattoir or food processing facility.

What makes the HE Air Curtain suitable for my abattoir or food processing facility?

Robust Construction

The IP-66 rated HE series is built from stainless steel to ensure durability and longevity. These units can withstand corrosive environments, high levels of dust and debris, and other industrial factors that would typically shorten the lifespan of standard air curtains.

Enhanced Performance

Designed to deliver a powerful air barrier, the HE series maintains a consistent internal environment. This is crucial in facilities where external conditions can severely impact internal temperature and air quality, such as in manufacturing plants or warehouses with frequent external door usage.

Energy Efficiency

Despite their robustness, these units are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The air curtain creates a strong barrier of air across the doorway, preventing the internal conditioned air from being wasted. By maintaining internal temperatures more effectively, they reduce the load on the existing heating and cooling systems, leading to significant energy savings.

Thermoscreens CS: Mastering Cold Storage Environments

The CS (Cold Store) units by Thermoscreens are engineered to tackle the unique challenges of cold storage environments, where maintaining a consistent internal temperature is critical while ensuring a safe environment for employees to transport goods.

What makes the CS Air Curtain suitable for my Cold Store facility?

Maintaining Temperature

In cold storage environments, maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial. The CS unit is designed to provide an effective thermal barrier, reducing temperature fluctuations that can occur when doors are opened, thus preserving the integrity of stored goods.

Ice and Frost Control

One of the biggest challenges in cold storage is managing ice and frost, which can affect product quality and safety. The CS units help in reducing these issues, thereby maintaining clearer visibility at entrances, and reducing slip hazards.

Energy Conservation

Like the HE, the CS unit is also energy efficient. By minimizing the loss of cold air, these air curtains significantly reduce the energy required to maintain low temperatures, leading to lower operational costs.

Durability in Low Temperatures

Suitable for temperatures down to 2 degrees it is the perfect solution for your abattoir or food processing facility. The materials and components of the CS unit are selected to ensure they can operate effectively in extremely low temperatures without compromising performance or reliability.

When dealing with extreme conditions, whether it’s the harsh environments of abattoirs/food processing or the precise requirements of cold storage, choosing the right air curtain is crucial. Thermoscreens’ HE and CS units are specifically designed to meet these challenges head-on. With their robust construction and energy efficiency, they represent a smart investment for businesses looking to minimise energy consumption of conditioned spaces and accessibility in the most demanding conditions.

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