Air Curtains for large warehouse spaces.

IP2 Air Curtain

Suitable for large mounting heights up to 6M, the IP2 Air Curtain will help to combat the tricky climate issues that often arise in these large warehouse spaces. At Thermoscreens we understand that maintaining comfortable indoor climates while ensuring efficient operation is proving to be a common issue.

What does the IP2 air curtain do?

Large doorways found in warehouses are often open for long periods of time to allow for goods to be transferred in and out, this allows large amounts of expensive conditioned air from inside the building to be wasted. The Thermoscreens IP2 air curtain will create a barrier of moving air that separates two different environments, typically an indoor space from an outdoor space. The air curtain can help conserve energy by preventing the loss of conditioned air, reducing the workload of your current HVAC system. The barrier of air produced from the IP2 will also improve the working conditions for employees by preventing temperature fluctuations in the warehouse, ensuring employees are more comfortable.

Why Do I Need an IP2 Air Curtain for My Space?

Comfort for Employees: The IP2 ensures a stable and comfortable environment for employees and visitors. By reducing temperature fluctuations, it creates a more consistent and pleasant indoor climate, which is essential for productivity and comfort.

Robust, durable construction: Constructed with robust materials, the IP2 Air Curtain is designed to endure the demands of busy environments.

Customizable Aesthetics: With RAL colour matching available, the IP2 can be tailored to blend seamlessly with your space’s design. This feature ensures that the unit not only performs efficiently but also complements the aesthetic of your environment.

Versatility: Whether you prefer a horizontal or surface-mounted unit, the IP2 offers flexibility to suit your specific needs. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for various architectural styles and building layouts.

Do I need an IP or an IP2?

When comparing the IP2 to its predecessor, the IP, several key enhancements stand out:

Greater Mounting Height: The IP2 is designed for door heights up to 6 meters, surpassing the IP’s capabilities. This makes it suitable for larger entrances, providing effective environmental control in spaces where traditional air curtains fall short.

Increased Air Volume: The IP2 boasts a greater maximum air volume. This means it can cover a wider area, ensuring that even in large spaces, the temperature and environment are consistently maintained.

Enhanced Durability: Built to handle the demands of large spaces, the IP2 is not only powerful but also robust. Its durability ensures long-term performance with minimal maintenance, making it a reliable choice for busy environments.

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