The UK’s Biggest Pet Retailer Ensures a Warm Welcome for Customers.

The UK’s Biggest Pet Retailer Ensures a Warm Welcome for Customers

Thermoscreens worked with the largest national pet supplies retailer, operating from more than 370 stores, to ensure a warm welcome for all its animal visitors, customers and staff.


With every store carrying thousands of lines of food, toys, bedding, medication and accessories – not to mention a menagerie of small furry animals, birds, fish and reptiles for sale – the company faced a real challenge regulating the temperature across such a large space.

The business wanted to ensure employees were not having to work in areas that were cold, especially in winter and that there was always a warm welcome for customers and their pets.

The main areas of concern were the till areas, located at the front of the store where doors would be constantly opening and closing, and the veterinary reception and waiting areas which are located at the back of the store.


To help the retailer to understand the benefits of Thermoscreen’s expertise, it was agreed to deliver products and solutions on a trial basis for 12 months at three different locations.

Thermoscreen’s technical team made a thorough assessment of the company’s specific needs at each site, recommending bespoke electrically heated air curtain solutions for their varying requirements.

Air curtains ensure warm air is retained with the building and that any cold air is prevented from entering, while at the same time allowing doors to be opened enabling unobstructed pedestrian access without occupants suffering icy blasts from outside.

Compact and cost-effective, Thermoscreens Compact C2 Series air curtains are specifically designed for applications where there is limited headspace above the door. With a choice of surface or recessed mounting, there’s a solution to suit any doorway, no matter how restricted the space.


Each of the retail stores were fitted with Thermoscreen products to suit its specific requirements.

Blackpool – a particularly cold store due to its exposed coastal location. Heating the entire store was not necessary, but a compact C2 2000ENT electric heated air curtain was installed to provide a more comfortable environment at the entrance area, removing frequent cold blasts from the doors. This was controlled locally by the store using the EcoPower Controller but could also be monitored and controlled from the Head Office through a link to their Building Management System (BMS).

Speke – a warmer store but in need of climate separation at the front entrance. An ambient unit was initially trailed, but the eventual solution was an electric heating C2500 ENT. This was also controlled locally by the store using the EcoPower Controller and also had full controllability by their Head Office through the link to their BMS system.

Lincoln– two C2 1000ENT units were installed to cover the entrance and exit doors. These were controlled locally by the store using the EcoPower Controller and also had full controllability by their Head Office through the BMS system.


We work with our customers to make sure they are happy with not only the products but ensuring that they understand their environment to put forward the right proposition.

The trail is ongoing, but due to the positive results seen in the initial three stores the customer started a roll-out programme to install similar Thermoscreens solutions in a further 20 stores.

Businesses pay good money to create a comfortable indoor environment, only to find they are losing expensive energy through an open front door. With Thermoscreens’ innovative air curtain systems and expert service, energy loss, costs and emissions can all be significantly reduced.

Making Thermoscreens the indoor environment experts.

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