The Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain: Your Robust IP66-Rated Solution for Harsh Environments.

In the realm of industrial and commercial operations, the need for maintaining controlled and comfortable indoor environments is paramount. However, for businesses situated in harsh environments characterised by extreme conditions, dust, debris, and fluctuating temperatures, achieving this goal can prove to be a formidable challenge. That’s where the Thermoscreens HE (Harsh Environment) Air Curtain comes into play, offering an innovative solution to safeguard your indoor space against harsh conditions ensuring energy efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore how the Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain functions as a protective shield against harsh elements and why it should be an integral part of your facility.

The Challenge of Harsh Environments

Harsh environments bring a host of challenges that can negatively impact indoor spaces. Whether it’s the need for deep cleaning, temperature fluctuations, dust and debris, or gusts of wind, these conditions can lead to discomfort and energy waste. The Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain rises to meet these challenges head-on:

Extreme Weather Protection

One of the primary roles of the Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain is to create a robust barrier against extreme conditions. When your facility faces extreme heat or bone-chilling cold, this air curtain acts as a shield, maintaining a stable indoor climate by preventing the entry of unwelcome outdoor or unconditioned air. In doing so, it contributes significantly to energy savings by reducing the workload on your current HVAC system.

IP66 Rated Protection

The Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain is the only stainless steel IP66 rated Air Curtain on the market, adding an extra layer of confidence in its performance. This rating signifies that it offers protection against dust and powerful jets of water, making it a robust and reliable choice for harsh environments.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency stands as a top priority for any business, and the Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain makes a significant contribution in this regard. By establishing an effective seal between indoor and outdoor environments or areas with differing temperatures, it minimises energy loss and alleviates the strain on your current heating and cooling systems. This translates into reduced energy costs and carbon footprint. Based on typical abattoirs, we have estimated that our solution can save over £10,000 per year on energy bills, with a rapid 1-year payback period.

Dust and Debris Control

In harsh industrial environments where dust, debris and other contaminants are a constant presence, maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment can be a considerable challenge. The Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain functions as a protective shield, effectively preventing external contaminants from infiltrating your workspace. This feature proves invaluable for food processing industries where the integrity of products and processes hinges on a dust-free environment.

Insect and Pest Prevention

For businesses operating in areas susceptible to insect and flies, the Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain serves as a reliable defence mechanism. It keeps unwanted visitors at bay, upholding hygiene standards and preventing contamination of products and materials. This is particularly crucial for food processing facilities where there are stringent hygiene regulations in place.

Thermoscreens recognises that every industry faces unique challenges, and the HE Air Curtain is purposefully designed to address them effectively. When it comes to protecting your space against the harshest conditions, the Thermoscreens HE Air Curtain stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Consider integrating this essential component into your facility to experience the transformative benefits it offers in shielding your indoor environment against the rigors of harsh conditions.


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