Air Curtains for Restaurants.

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Food for Thought: Why Your Restaurant Needs an Air Curtain.

When you’re in the business of serving customers with clean and hygienic food in a comfortable environment, an air curtain could be the best investment you can make.

Make no mistake; the aromatic, delicious food you serve at your restaurant is something that will draw in the customers, but it is also a magnet for the flying pests that carry more than 140 pathogens. Every time, your customers or staff enter or exit your restaurant building, these pests could find a way in and feast on the food that you’ve just taken out fresh from the stove or oven. This puts your restaurant at risk of spreading diseases, not to mention it puts off your customers who certainly don’t want bugs and flies disturbing them during their hearty meals.

Then there is the problem of constant transfer of air. When your customers move in and out, the hot (or cold) air from the outside enters the inside of your restaurant building. It’s simple physics. This puts an unnecessary load on your restaurant’s heating and cooling system as it has to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment for your customers. The brunt then falls on you in the form of higher energy and HVAC maintenance bills.

This is where installing an air curtain can help..

Air curtains create a powerful air seal that keeps conditioned air inside the building of your restaurant and pests and unwanted drafts out. This allows you to maintain high sanitation standards at your restaurant and reduce your restaurant’s energy bills. This results in happier, more satisfied customers and increased profits.

Thermoscreens air curtains are available in varying sizes and designs. That way, you can choose an air curtain that best fits the size of your restaurant door and best complements your restaurant décor.

The best part?
Air curtains are quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending your entire budget on purchasing one either.

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Here, at Thermoscreens we sell high-performing air curtains to all business sizes. Our air curtains are made in the UK and manufactured to the highest standards of quality to provide customers with reliable solutions for their climate control needs.


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