Finding the Right Air Curtain with Thermoscreens.

Finding the Right Air Curtain with Thermoscreens

Choosing the right air curtain for your retail outlet, commercial or industrial environment can often be a challenge. With a variety of surface mounted air curtains and recessed air curtains to choose from, what are the factors you should be considering to find the right air curtain for the job?

Choosing an air curtain

When choosing an air curtain, there are numerous factors to consider. These include:

● Height of the doorway
● Width of the doorway
● How the air curtain will be fitted
● What the most appropriate heat source is
● Whether it needs to be heated at all.

So, to ensure you’re choosing the right air curtain for the job, we’ve put together 4 easy steps you can follow:

What is the width of your doorway?
Air flow should be wider than the width of the door opening. An air curtain that overlaps the full opening will provide maximum protection against the ingress of cool air and pollutants.
Thermoscreens Door Width

What is the height of your doorway?
Mounting height is a key consideration when selecting an air curtain. To provide an effective barrier, it is essential that the unit has sufficient air velocity to cover the entire height and width of the doorway.

Thermoscreens Door Height

What is the width of your doorway?
It is essential that there are no obstructions between the air curtain’s discharge jet and the opening of the doorway. If there is an obstacle such as a beam, air vent or glass wall, you should consider suspending standard units on drop rods or selecting a recessed or vertical option.

Thermoscreens Surface Mounted Recessed Vertical

How will it be powered?
Electric and water heated units come with an Ecopower energy saving controller, which allows you to choose the most appropriate control strategy for your environment. Unheated units are supplied with an ambient controller that allows you to turn them on and off and choose one of three fan speeds. To ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort, it is important to select the appropriate air flow hearing system for your specific installation.

Thermoscreens Water Electric Ambient

If you need any more guidance, get in touch with a member of our expert team at Thermoscreens today for further information.


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