Commercial Air Curtains .

Our air curtains have multiple uses for multiple building sizes, ceiling heights, and doorway widths.

We understand that commercial buildings such as offices, food service establishments, hospitality, and institutions such as social, charitable, educational, and government have different needs and uses for air curtains.

  • Why would I need an air curtain in my office building?

Any office setting requires the working environment to be not too warm, as employees can feel lethargic and tired, but not too cold as employees can experience thermal discomfort, increased strain, and overall decreased performance. You can read more about working in cold temperatures here. Installing an air curtain above any external door will allow for the workplace to remain temperature-controlled, as the unit will provide an air curtain or invisible barrier, keeping the colder outside air out and the climate-controlled air in.

  • Would installing an air curtain in my commercial building save me money?

When the climate-controlled environment inside the building is disrupted due to an external door being opened constantly then the installed heaters will need to be constantly working, to keep the set temperature at that level. This has costs associated with it, as the more the heaters are working the more electricity they are using, the more cost is created. So, installing an air curtain above the doorway correctly can keep the energy consumption down, thus the costs associated.

  • What air curtain will work best for my commercial building?

We have many air curtains styles and options available and our team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the correct unit, that is best suited for your needs. We will only need some basic information, the width of the doorway, and mounting height to be able to assist you.

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