What is a Recessed Air Curtain?

If you are looking for a discrete solution for an air curtain, above a commercial door, a recessed air curtain is a perfect solution. Sometimes known as an invisible air curtain, an unobtrusive installation is a good option if you want your device to easily integrate into space. As most of the workings are hidden in the ceiling with only the outlet grill remaining visible, they can blend in better with the surrounding area and general interiors of a room. This makes the air curtain appear even more compact, whilst still working effectively.

Our recessed air curtains are designed to fit in small ceiling areas. To be efficient in this, our units start at only 1m wide. Complete with a hinged, linear grill, the recessed air curtains are effective in ceilings up to 3.5 meters high. Additionally, with Thermoscreens, you can get your recessed air curtain with either hot water coils or electric heaters.

What Places Can Use a Recessed Air Curtain?

Reception areas or the building entrance are the usual installation places for air curtains, due to the high traffic of people coming in and out, opening doors, and disrupting the inside climate with cooler outside air. Recessed air curtains are also very suitable for other places too. So if you are thinking about using your curtain somewhere different, just let us know and we are happy to advise.

For maximum results, a recessed air curtain should be placed as close to a doorway as possible. For example, recessed air curtains can be installed into the ceiling, covering a doorway entrance. Furthermore, recessed air curtains can also be mounted in suspended ceilings and even some plasterboard and false ceilings. This makes them a good choice for a variety of spaces and surfaces. You should always make sure that access to the air curtain is available for routine maintenance and in the unfortunate event of unit failure.

Our expert team at Thermoscreens are experienced in advising on installations of recessed air curtains, however checking the doorway the device might be installed near, any architectural restrictions that could cause problems (such as structural beams), and if a specific device will work well when mounted on a particular surface, will ensure that your recessed air curtain functions as well as possible.

Do I need an Air Curtain?

Recessed air curtains create climate separation between the outside environment and the inside environment. This brings many advantages:

Keeping the cold air out will save you on your energy bills. As the air curtain will maintain the barrier when an outside door is opened, you will not need to keep other internal heating sources running for so long or as hard, thus saving you money and the environment.

Employee working conditions are always good to keep climate controlled. If your building has your employees working close to an external doorway then having cold drafts keep entering the building can cause an unpleasant working environment and furthermore illness.

The projection of air from an air curtain also aids in preventing airborne irritants such as pollutants or insects from entering inside, as they find it difficult to pass through the barrier of air.

We are Here to Help.

Our team is available to discuss all our recessed air curtains options, and styles with you via phone, email or via our website and we will always aim to find the best installation possible for you.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a different type of air curtain, we have a range of units available. We provide customers with industrial air curtains, commercial air curtains, which can be both surface mounted and recessed air curtains.

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