How does an air curtain work?

Any of our surface-mounted air curtains, over door heaters, or commercial door air curtains can be used in two ways. You can use it in an open doorway, in which case a stream of air runs continuously, keeping the cold air outside and the warm air inside. Or, you can use the air curtain as a second line of defense behind a closed door, in which case the air curtain is activated only when the door opens. It comes to life, pushing air for a couple of seconds until the door is closed again.

In both cases, the curtain is mounted on the heated side of the doorway, extending across the length of the door opening. Its intake draws in air and pushes that air either straight down or at a slightly outward-tilted angle to push away any outside air that otherwise would enter through the doorway. This then creates an invisible barrier, that not only stops the cold air coming in, but also flying insects. You can read more about how our air curtains help against flying insects here.

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