Air Curtains for Retail.

Thermoscreens has been providing air curtains into the retail sector for years. We have an array of units that can match your needs and specifications. Read More Below.

What are the benefits of using an Air Curtain in Retail?

The team at Thermoscreens understands not all shops, retail units, and outlets are the same.  A correctly installed and fully efficient air curtain can save any business a lot of money by reducing the amount of heat lost through open doors.

Here are some of the advantages an air curtain can offer retailers:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
    The air barrier delivered by air curtains keeps the climate inside the building comfortable and consistent. Keep patrons perusing in your store and at the check-out, happy and comfortable.  An air curtain also prevents insects, dust, wind, and moisture from entering, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.
  • Reduce Energy Costs
    Doorways equipped with our air curtains are proven to be more energy-efficient. Preventing warm and cool air leaving and entering through open doorways means less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, allowing our energy-saving air curtains to provide the optimal temperature for your business.
  • Reduce Employee Turnover and Complaints
    Comfortable employees are happy employees, and happy employees can be less distracted, less agitated, and more efficient. Air curtains keep the store entry, employee entrances, and loading docks comfortable and free of fumes, pollutants, and drafts.
  • Save Space
    Our air curtains can be both surface-mounted for easier and quicker installation and also recessed. They can be both vertically and horizontally mounted.  Recessed air curtains are installed behind the walls and/or ceilings, so all that can be seen is the outlet grill. They offer the same excellent airflow and heating but can save valuable space.

Other Benefits are:

  • Reduces strain on existing heating systems
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces Pollution
  • Increases visibility
  • ‘Open door affect’
  • Increasing customer comfort

Retail Applications:

Thermoscreens air curtains can be found in many different retail applications such as:

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