Air Curtains for Hotels and Hospitality Venues.

Why would I need an air curtain in my hotel?

Installing an air curtain in your hotel or hospitality venue allows you to make your guests who are sitting or waiting close to the entrance of your establishment feel more comfortable as they dine or relax. Typically, a Thermoscreens air curtain will be installed over the main door to your restaurant, hotel, or hospitality venue to create this ambience for your guests, as it will help stop cold draughts from entering the space by providing heated and warm air into the environment.

In addition, Thermoscreens air curtains provide insect control. We offer different air curtain models in both heated and unheated varieties, so they can be used in various parts of your business aside from the entryway, such as walk-in coolers and drive-thru windows.

Benefits of using air curtains.

The benefits of utilising hotel air curtains are numerous. In addition to providing the comfortable climate your guests expect and enjoy, air curtains:

  • Control air transfer, providing energy savings
  • Reduce flying insect infiltration
  • Provide unhindered traffic flow
  • Increase productivity due to stable temperatures
  • Maintain usable space around the door

Air curtain health and safety.

One of the key benefits of air curtains is their impact on the health and safety standards for hotels and hospitality venues. While the air feels like a gentle breeze to the people walking through it, it’s an insurmountable obstacle for flying insects such as moths and flies. Hotels often have challenging food prep needs to meet, as hundreds of customers require high-quality food every day. Kitchen staff already have a difficult job without adding “exterminator” to the list — but it’s crucial to keep these flying insects out of these spaces.

Using a Thermoscreens air curtain can help to stop troublesome infestations before they begin while freeing up valuable time and resources for refocusing on the kitchen’s requirements.

Here to Help.

Here at Thermoscreens, we have years of accumulated experience and manufacturing leading products – meaning we can help your hotel prepare for an efficient and effective upgrade. For further details or answers to your questions, please contact us now or browse our range of air curtains online today.

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