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What is an Air Curtain?

Air Curtains help to promote and maintain a better indoor air temperature whether warm, cool or ambient. Air Curtains promote and support open door trading in retail outlets and commercial buildings by providing an air barrier that allows unobstructed pedestrian access.

Energy Saving
Building entrances equipped with Air Curtains have been scientifically proven to be more energy efficient than entrances incorporating single doors or vestibules.

The air barrier delivered by Air Curtains helps minimise the ingress of flying insects, dust, wind and ambient moisture ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Health and Safety
In refrigeration or cold store applications, Thermoscreens cold store Air Curtains can significantly reduce the ingress of warm air when accessing the low temperature zones. This retains the refrigerated air inside and minimises the formation of frost and ice in the entrance area.

Ease of Installation
Thermoscreens Air Curtains are easy to install and simple to maintain throughout their serviceable life.

Air Curtain Selection Guide
To ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort, it is important to select the appropriate air flow heating system for your specific installation. An Air Curtain with too little velocity will not stop the infiltration of cold draughts from entering the building, whilst one that is too powerful or installed at the incorrect door height can increase the exfiltration and be too noisy and uncomfortable.

The following factors should be taken into account when selecting air barrier solutions:

  • Type of building & interior design of the premises
  • Type of air barrier required:
    • Visible → surface mounted
    • Invisible → recessed
    • Mounting Space → Vertical / special mounting brackets
    • Medium → Electric Heated / Water Heated / Ambient (no heat) / Heat Pump
    • Voltage and power supply

Installation Height
If an air barrier is to operate to maximum effectiveness, it is essential for it to have sufficient air velocity to discharge over the whole height and width of the doorway.

Door Width
To ensure effective coverage, air flow heating systems should be wider than the width of the door opening. By installing an Air Curtain which overlaps the full opening, you can ensure that the ingress of air and other pollutants is controlled to maintain a comfortable environment. The characteristics of the door that must be taken into consideration include:

  • Doorway location in relation to other openings / doors
  • Whether there is enough room to position the Air Curtain as close as possible to the opening (vertical or horizontal installation), and that there are no obstructions between the air stream and the door opening
  • Building characteristics and use. Buildings with high footfall or those that are subject to higher than average wind conditions may require more powerful Air Curtain systems