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Our products and the technology that underpins them are constantly evolving to provide even greater efficiency and comfort. To keep up to speed with the latest developments, and find details of up-and-coming events, check out the articles below.

How do you know your air curtain has overheated?.

Air curtains are essential tools for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment while keeping energy costs low. However, like any other electrical unit it can overheat, […]

Why an air curtain.

What benefits can come from installing an air curtain? Energy Efficiency One of the main benefits of using an air curtain is its positive impact […]

Finding the Right Air Curtain with Thermoscreens.

Finding the Right Air Curtain with Thermoscreens

Choosing the right air curtain for your retail outlet, commercial or industrial environment can often be a challenge. With a variety of surface mounted air […]

How to Use Your Thermoscreens Air Curtain.

How to Use Your Thermoscreens Air Curtain

Have you recently purchased one of our air curtains? We’ve created this quick 4 step overview to get to grips with the basic product operation. […]