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Thermoscreens presents the all-new Compact 2

The latest Compact 2 Air Curtains C2 range takes all that the Compact Air Curtains - C Range has to offer with additional cutting edge technology, new features and style to meet the expectations of both the end user and installer.

With over 40 years as a leading air curtain specialist, Thermoscreens’ latest design comes with a uniquely designed surface mount casing, three choices of controls, lower noise levels, easy to install hanging system and easier access to internal components.

In addition to the uniquely designed casing, the visual profile of the Compact 2 is reduced and allows the air curtain to compliment the surroundings of any frequently used entrance. The Compact 2 doesn’t disrupt the architectural surroundings or the interior design of your space, it provides a discreet solution while providing essential heating support.

We have put a lot of thought and care into the design process to make sure that every angle and aspect has been thought about. Glass doors and windows in shop and restaurant fronts are the best platforms for promoting your business. A cumbersome and awkward air curtain heater can be an ugly distraction to your display, especially where a recessed air curtain option isn’t viable.

All sides have been designed to conceal any fixing details which leave a smooth back plate visible from the street side of the door, especially useful if the structure over the door is glass. The Compact 2 provides an appealing marketing space for a company logo or message to the public.

We continued the great design inside the Compact 2 commercial air curtain with innovative new air blades. The Compact 2 C2 range is equipped with Thermoscreens’ curved fan blades that slice through the air and push it forward with a greater efficiency. It has reduced noise levels by three decibels (dBa) to provide a more peaceful environment in areas such as restaurants and waiting areas where customers may be close to an open entrance.

The Compact 2 reinforces the idea that an air curtain should be discreet and unnoticed. Thermoscreens have moved the air inlet to make it quieter and look cleaner. Now that the air intake has been moved to the top of the unit, it pushes most of the noise upwards and away from customers and staff, reducing sound by a further two dBa.

The air inlet grille can also attract a large amount of pollutants and dust that can build up to make the air curtain look dirty. Our solution have moved the dirt and dust out of sight and so requires less cleaning and maintenance and making the entrance look cleaner.

The Compact 2 is also the installer’s choice of air curtain due to its easy install hanging system. The new design hinged panel provides quicker access to all of the internal components for speedy installation, low service and low maintenance costs.

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