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Top 8 Benefits of Commercial Air Curtains

A correctly installed and fully efficient air curtain can save any business a lot of money by reducing the amount of heat lost through open doors, but Thermoscreens products offer more than just that. Thermoscreens specialise in the design, manufacture and service of commercial air curtains across the UK and abroad. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the service we provide, so that our customers have total peace of mind and a reliable and efficient heat retaining system. Here are some of the best advantages a commercial air curtain can have to your business.

Reduces building running costs

An open door is inviting to customers, but it also invites unwanted cold air. Traditional heating systems in commercial units can be very inefficient, especially in large premises with open doors. An air curtain, from a specialist like Thermoscreens, can maximise the savings spent on heating by working in tandem with existing heating systems and reducing heat loss.  

Reduces strain on existing heating systems

With an efficient Thermoscreens air curtain the heat loss through doorways is drastically reduced. When the heat loss is reduced, the existing heating system can have a lot of unnecessary excess strain taken away. This could add up to less usage and increase the lifespan and functionality of your current heating system.  

Reduces CO2 emissions As your building increases in efficiency you will notice the associated benefits of Thermoscreens’ commercial air curtains. Using less energy to heat your building will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced; particularly important considering that, from 1st April 2018, all privately rented buildings will need to have an energy rating of E on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  

Reduces Pollution

For units and business on busy roads or in industrial areas with potential air pollution, a commercial air curtain can keep harmful chemicals and smells away from your customers, staff and valuable products. Providing security and protection as well as air heat retention.  

Increases visibility

A closed glass door or doors with obstructions can pose a potential threat to staff and vulnerable customers. Hazards could result in expensive equipment being damaged or even lawsuits. Thermoscreens’ commercial air curtains provide a risk-free alternative with peace of mind that customers will appreciate.


‘Open door affect’

Almost any business owner or director will know that open doors tell customers that their business is open for business. An open door is an inviting gesture that has been proven to affect the amount of money customers spend when buying. Using a steady stream of air to form a protective barrier, air curtains block out cold weather, pollution, bad smells and insects leaving you with a warm and pleasant environment inside.  

Increasing customer comfort

Keeping customers happy is imperative to all businesses; cold premises can put customers off and could also affect the productiveness of your staff. Combining an air curtain with a friendly atmosphere and well laid out shop can attract the public within and keep them inside for longer than usual. An air curtain is an investment that will not only reduce your outgoing bills but also increase your incomings.  

Access for the disabled and trolleys

The disabled and customers with buggies or trolleys can find opening and closing doors difficult. Commercial air curtains can provide ease of access for members of the public with their open door capabilities.   With over 50 years in the industry, Thermoscreens is devoted to providing excellent air curtains at competitive prices. Make sure to get in touch to hear more about our fantastic range and current offers.