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ERP 2015 drives Air Curtain efficiency

As of January 2015 all air curtains and over door heaters must comply with the requirements of Erp 2015 in order to be sold in the European Union. This applies to products manufactured in the EU and products imported into any member state.
Erp 2015 sets an efficiency rating for all electric fans rated between 125 Watts and 500kWatts. It is more onerous than the requirements of the current Erp 2013 requirements and is part of the European Union’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint as agreed at the Kyoto protocol.
Thermoscreens have been able to achieve compliance with the requirements of Erp 2015 using AC fan decks. This is important for customers since it means that there is no increase in the cost of the air curtain. The alternative method of achieving Erp 2015 compliance is to fit EC fans. EC fans use DC motors which are controlled with an inverter. They are very efficient but cost twice as much as a conventional AC fan unit
Under the terms of the Erp directive manufacturers are allowed to use existing stocks of components and hence Thermoscreens will introduce Erp 2015 complaint fans and fan decks as a running change during the first quarter of 2015. The Erp 2015 compliant components will be identified as required by the terms of the legislation.
Spare fans and fan deck will also change to meet the requirements of the new standard and will be compatible with the current range of products